i was almost an abortion

Friday, May 11, 2012


Nicki Minaj - Starships

it's the edge of 17 again for me.
the edge of the cliff that i feel ready to jump off
and fly high.
there's no turning back,
no looking back,
only forward and ahead...
there's no meaning to the word failure in my vocabulary.
there's not any more chances,
anymore trying,
anymore almost,
only one option i see,
and it's straight ahead in plain sight.
i can taste it.
i can touch it.
the universe has spiraled me up, down and all around so many times.
leaving me with a book of knowledge that is specific to me.
you have your own,
we all do.
so now it's the time,
the place,
the moment,
to make it happen.
no more "next time..."
theres this time,
this is it.

cause starships were meant to fly,
enter, and touch the sky
can't stop cause i'm so high...

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