i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


i've been missing you say...
with good reason,
i downloaded something stupid and had to have it removed by a tech.
some g-mail notice that wasn't really.
so, today, i went to the Mac store and,
not thinking, as usual,
i let them turn on my computer, which i hadn't had on in 3 days.
what pops up?
my screen saver.
of what? you may ask...
al parker eating a big ass.
yea, of course.
thats the way life is.
you think you're being discrete, but nope.
not me anyway.
i might as well hang FAG around my neck.
well, the cute guy at Mac looked at me,

and said "you wouldn't believe the things that pop up on peoples computers."

i can only imagine.

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