i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


the never ending story
from the never ending pipe.
i found deep back in my desk drawer,
staring back at me
when i was trying to clean it out,"vicious pipe" i said, indeed!
i've tried my best to pull out more
but the pipe, it was not ripe.
not ripe at all for picking
just barren and alone
cracked on one side, probably,
been cracked a long time gone.
oh well, i tried,
i did my best,
i tried to curb
but my interest
was stronger than
even i,
it's not sad, no happy,
and here is why...
even though
i didn't get
the tiniest crumb
so decadent...
would have put me
back in a place
i don't wanna be,
it's not disgrace,
just how i am,
and who i'll be
six months from now,

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