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Monday, June 18, 2012

amazing really...

amazing really,
when you think about it.
i mean, really calculate the time spent
and the energy wasted
and then,
compare it to the actual amount
of nothing,
that you accomplished.
if you think about it for as long as
one quater of the time you wasted,
you would probably be thinking about it,
for several hours,
as, you probably spent about what,
maybe twenty two hours in total?
that means you were then thinking
for over five hours.
but thinking of what?
i mean, really...
what did you get done in the twenty two hours you spent
sitting quietly in front of the computer,
watching porn,
reading blogs,
checking emails,
visiting websites,
checking in on cam4 to see what your friends are up to...
it becomes quite a busy
and, yes, i'll say it,
part of the day...
it's no wonder that when you finally accomplish the task
you started twenty two hours ago...
you're wiped out.
you need to run to bed,
and just pass the fuck out.

it must be exhausting being you...

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