i was almost an abortion

Monday, June 18, 2012

just a memory

it's been a long strange journey. one where every single step was not only difficult, but it took every ounce of every breath of every second of every minute of every day, making every single moment of the entire trip seem like an eternity where, nothing was ever going to be right again. it stressed out and wore down the travelers for they never expected anything quite like what they were given. there was no one there to help guide the way, show them detours, or hold their hands in the dead of night when it seemed as if, all hope was lost and there maybe wouldn't be another day to wash away the tears.

but, somehow, through the terrible storms and hideous terrain, after the longest, darkest night, there was in fact, another dawn. and, although it's uncertain how, it was even brighter than the days before.
somehow, life went on, and al of the misery of the past, was just a memory.

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