i was almost an abortion

Saturday, June 30, 2012

At Last

Cyndi Lauperat last...

the skies above, aren't blue,
not yet.
they turn from black to gray to pink to orange to yellow and back to blue.
and then, when the storm is over,
and the skies have opened up and poured down,
raindrops bigger than tears,
that's when i'll know that,
at last,
my life has come along...

as time ticks on by,
without thinking about why,
something caught my eye,
and made me stop and cry.
but who is it,
why did they,
how come i wasn't prepared?
isn't it time we all understood
that nothing lasts forever?
everything i had,
and everything i lost
everything i created,
and everything i built,
didn't prepare me for the truth.
the truth hit me hard.
made me sad.
made me stop,
made me think,
made me cry...
so now what?
what's next?
who can i count on?
lean on?
turn to?
what are my options?
where do we go from here???

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