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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't Stop Believin'

Avicii vs. Journey

when it all comes down to it,
after all is said and one,
when you realize, one day, that,
you've seen the world through your very own eyes,
you've been in love,
a million times,
you've lived your life,
your way,
on your own terms,
good or bad,
through thick and thin,
you survived all the hardships and pains
that life threw at you,
and you're still here.
it's at that very moment when,
you take a deep breath,
look around you, and, for just that moment in time,
you realize that,
the past is the past,
you've conqured your deamons,
pushed you limits,
gone as low as humanly possible, but, also,
through it all,
in the end,
it becomes crystal clear that,
you're just a smalltown girl...
livin' in a lonely world...
but, whatever...
your still here.

and somehow,
that's all that matters.

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