i was almost an abortion

Monday, June 4, 2012


it started as a simple thing,
recolor and revise
revamp and then, reprise
 reinvent and realize
an image that i once dispised.
but Photoshop was then invented
it let me revamp become what i had intended,
a photo, a nude i let him take,
told him where to stand and what to do,
aperature, exposure, and so i knew
the shot would be a golden one,
one i'd someday look back upon
and say
"that's me, many, many years ago,
when i was just a little ho"
and when i'd look back, then i'd see,
the Photoshop helped to make me be
just how i'd like you to see me.
perfect, simple, classic, clean.
not a line upon my face,
no crows feet markings anyplace,
no fat, no gut, 
nothing but
a dirty picture,
that i wouldn't mind
going viral online.

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