i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


because my life
was almost not,
because i thought
about it a lot.
because i never
forgot the past,
because i always
said many thanks,
because i try
because i do
because i will
and someday, soon...
become what destiny
has in store for me,
because of that,
i know i'll be
the thing i've been
pushing away for years,
the man who i'm
supposed to be,
is what i know
deep down, you'll see.
i may not be perfect,
i may not be great
but what i am
you can't debate.
the show begins,
in seconds flat
so don't be late,
just sit back.
enjoy the show,
it will make you see
the things that you had thought of me,
were just illussions
of who i used to be.

1 comment:

Erik F. vonHausen said...

Welcome to someday soon!