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Friday, June 1, 2012

Urban Bear

a few weeks ago, i was fortunate
to have received a free booth at
Robert Valins
(that's mister Urban Bear winner three years in a row to you)
annual street fest Urban Bear.
it was a day full of daddies daddies daddies,
hairy, with the hottest bellies you ever saw,
drinking beers and from somewhere i got the whiff
of some really good weed...
oooh, maybe that was me...
well, i was hanging out with my gurl Mike Peyton
(that's mister behind the scenes superstar of the Black Party with not enough recognition to you)
trying to sell my t-shirts...
but like an idiot, i only had mediums and smalls....
not appropriate for a crowd of bears.
they have a raffle every year for a charity,
i think it's to help starving children in the lower east side,
and so i donated a free photo session to do my part in helping create the next generation of bears.
well, i was off shooting some daddies i found
and pulled into a parking garage
that happened to have accidentally left it's gate unlocked,
and missed the raffle,
but when i got back, Mike grabbed me and told me
that the guy who won my photo session was a HOTTIE,
so i was psyched.
the next morning he called me
and we decided to shoot that day...why not.
when he showed up, i gagged, cause mutherfucker
was definitely what you think of when you think of a hot daddy.
bearded, groomed and handsome, he walked in
and i was psyched because behing his sunglasses were the most
shocking set of blue eyes i had seen that day.
(i'm jaded, remember)
and he was sweet.
AND he has a job...
all those things rolled into one.
i forgot people like that exsisted...
but they do,
they really do.

and the winner is...Philipp Mohr.

and check this out...
the funniest, cutest cub (cause he's too young to be a bear)
is also talented...
check out his take on the modern bear and the in's and out's of life sans caring if you think he's not skinny enough...


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