i was almost an abortion

Friday, July 27, 2012

but then again...

for as many times as he had stopped and started,
as many ideas about how he would condense everything he had,
organize it, label and alphabetize it...
for as many times as he had told himself in his tiny little head,
that he was going to make this as easy as possible,
you would think that,
by now,
he'd be almost finished, and ready to walk away from it all gracefully.
but, of course, that just wasn't how it was going to be.
not with him,
not this time,
not the next time,
not now,
not never,
no way...
no how.
he had developed a highly evolved system of procrastination that
took years, actually, decades, to produce.
his way of not getting everything he needed to get done, done,
by creating unimportant and menial projects that
just HAD to be done and get out before what really needed to be done,
was considered by some, unique...
as no one else they knew would ever try to
navigate their way around such important issues at hand,
quite so blatantly, and yet,
with such emotion and diligence given to the unimportant issue,
you almost had to believe he really believed it himself.
but then again,
he just quite possibly did.

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