i was almost an abortion

Friday, July 27, 2012

thank God

as soon as he realized
that his time was almost up,
it was too late for him to do anything about
all of the mistakes he made trying to resolve the issue
in the first place.
it was just a matter of time before everything changed.
the scenery, the view, the conversation, the company,
it was all just days away from being a totally new world.
unlike the old days when his experiences seemed exciting,
now, they just felt scary.
the thought of him actually being homeless if everything didn't work out just right,
was a little more than he could handle.
he was too old for this shit.
it was justified now that he could just let everything go,
not care, relax, and just do whatever the fuck he wanted to do.
it was his last horrah.
the last time he could really throw caution to the wind,
and just know that he was still safe.
but those days were at their end,
and as much fun as they were,
was as much fun as the memory of them would be.
tomorrow, when the sun rose over the mountain tops,
it would be a new day.
a day when everything he knew at this very instant,
would be a blur,
a memory.
not a sad one,
more like, one that was the end of an era...
the fall of the empire had created a new dimension and space,
opened up doors,
closed others,
reinvented rethought and reworked all of the things that before,
just didn't add up.
it was time to get the calculator out, and this time,
do it right.
so, that's it, he thought...
today was retarded,
tomorrow, i wake up, i lift my head toward the sun,
and thank God for a new beginning,
another day.


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