i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Electro House Mix 2012 (Whitney Houston Tribute Mix) (Special)

as hard as i try to imagine that it's not really real,
and as much as i hope, pray and try to change what has turned out to be the truth,
it still just remains the same,
without any way to debate it as a solid fact.
i still cry,
i still anticipate the next thing i'll see,
wonder what it will look like,
what the sound will be,
how she has grown
and what will be the favorite part,
which, i'll never really know
until i've heard it 3 million times.
what do you do now?
she aint coming back...
it's a simple, true fact.
something legendary is gone from the human race,
and even though it's been a few months and
we should have gotten over it all by now,
every now and then,
i'll hear something in the distance,
and i get so emotional.
aint it shocking what ove can do?
she was the one i always thought would turn around
and show everyone that true talent cannot be denied.
it can't be explained, reasoned with, or copied.
why am i still mourning my loss?
i guess it's because it came so out of the blue,
so fast,
and with so little explination.
theres a zillion people in this world,
so many of them without hope or potential...
why was her card picked before theirs,
they would never have been missed.
true talent, i have discovered,
sometimes doesn't get the credit it deserves.
maybe that's because it's so genius,
so out of this world,
that it really is, too good for us.
it's hard to kill a cockroach.
the ugly ones last till the bitter end.
the beautiful ones fly, high, but not forever.
they are gifts that we should be thankful for, everyday.
for when theyre gone,
theyre gone forever.
and all we have left,
is a memory
a sweet, bitter memory
of what it used to be.

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