i was almost an abortion

Friday, August 31, 2012

23,999,999,999 people

there's literally billions of people walking our planet daily,
but yet, we see not even .00099% of them,
if that,
and the chances of us leaving our small villages, no matter how large,
and meeting that person in hong kong or malasya or italy fir that matter,
are slim to never gonna happen...
and the other problem is,
we know all these people exist,
but never see them,
BUT, the people we see every day,
we try desperatly to avoid,
as we can't stand the sight of them...
it's the way of the world,

tomorrow i leave for montreal for a long weekend of promoting my new book...
i am excited because i get to meet new people, talk about new ideas
examine and research foreskin and huge cocks of the natives,
and become more in touch with my fan base, who, i always adore seeing and hearing from.
today is almost gone,
and all in all, i hung out and made contact with only 4 people,
2 of whom i was having sex with...
so, again,
it's the way of the world as we know it,
and i wouldnt change a thing..

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