i was almost an abortion

Friday, August 31, 2012

dj j


everything moves on,
flower grow,
caterpillars become butterflys,
young get old,
old get their faces lifted,
it's a vicious cycle,
but it's the way of the world,
and it won't change,
nor can it.
but you can always fight it,
and if you try hard enough,
you can morph everything from your past
and make it gracefully evolve into something beautiful,
like our friend the butterfly does.
just cause it started out as ugly
doesn't mean it has to stay that way forever.
just cause your getting old
doesn't mean you can't stay youthful,
if not rejuvenated.
music and the masters who push and evolve it to fit each generation
makes me always feel like maybe i'm not getting so old,
maybe if i listen to and memorize Nicki Minaj
i'll be, what i truly believe i am,
a 12 year old pregnant black gurl.
well, see, it worked,
i'm in the same room right now with the 25 year old heart breaker
watching and listening to him spin.
it's not Nicki, but i like it,
and i feel good,
his music evokes old school references he could have not heard originally,
because he was in his mothers womb,
but  he's mastered it, and he brings it.
and so, evolution is occuring as we speak
in front of my eyes,
i am becoming a child again...

he's mastered it, and he brings

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