i was almost an abortion

Sunday, August 12, 2012

a new day

and as if by coincidence or surprise, he wasn't sure,
but when his eyes opened up still in his bed,
he looked around, quickly,
for something different seemed like it had taken place.
not sure what it was exactly,
his blurred eyes cris crossed the room,
examining every last inch of it
as fast as he could,
for he didn't want whatever it was that had changed the atmosphere,
to get away.
but it was too late,
it was gone.
he was chilled, and so he reached for the blanket which was, when he fell asleep,
pulled up over his chest,
but now, was down just covering his crotch...
goosebumps traveled up his thighs and down his arms.
he felt the cold air from outside lightly brush through his hair,
and it was at once refreshing, and soothing.
whatever it was that had changed in the how ever many hours he was asleep,
was something good,
something needed,
something fresh, and he somehow knew that it was right.

groggily he got himself out of bed,
and into the kitchen where he made a pot of coffee, and then
ran to the bathroom to take his morning piss.
when he finished, he threw cold wter over his face,
and when his eyes met his face in the mirror,
he was a little relieved and slightly shocked
at just how handsome and, somehow, well rested he looked.
what the fuck happened? he wondered.
and as he sauntered into the kitchen to pour himself his first cup of coffee,
it hit him,
almost out of the blue,
and without any reason...
it didn't really matter what happened, did it?
he felt better than he had in weeks,
his body, though achy, was more erect,
and his spirit seemed more jovial.
whatever it was,
it was good.
and as he sipped his coffee and cheked his emails,
he decided to just go with it,
enjoy it,
he needed it.


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