i was almost an abortion

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Justin Bieber - All Around The World ft. Ludacris

if i could make it through 
just one more night,
without a hitch,
without a fight,
and with my eyes see
dawns first light,
i think i may
i think i might,
have the chance
to make things right.
but if is such an iffy word,
i know that that sounds
quite absurd,
but if i make it,
and if i can,
i know i'll be 
a better man.
for no one can withstand a night
when all around them
but nowhere in sight
is any hope,
or anyone
to ease their minds
of what's about to come.
everyone deserves
a second chance,
no matter what 
the circumstance.
no one can control their fate
for evil lurks 
and shows it's hate.
don't close your eyes,
don't look away,
to win this war,
you must be brave.
it isn't easy,
but now's the time
stand up,
be strong,
as your worlds collide.
as i have learned,
we're all alone
in this world that's
a catastrophe.
so if you make it
through this night,
i wish you may,
i wish you might,
make it through
and with delight
look back on it,
                            another night.
for all around the world, people want to be loved...given a second chance to prove that above all, without speculate, they have someone to lean on, a chance to redeem and a way to get through, even the worst of times...

give someone a chance.


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