i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Moves Like Jagger (YoungLife Remix) - Maroon 5 Ft. Christina Aguilera

and it goes like this...

other people have to try,
i dunno,
don't ask me why!
i never ever had to try,
cause i took to the sky n fly so high.
other dimensions
in outter space
no resemblance
to this tierd ol place.
and from above
i look down
no one knows
that i'm around,
i just fly nice
and i entice
the things i need
come to me, indeed...
i never had
to ask for much
it fell in my lap,
didn't need a crutch,
but now i'm older
and maybe need
some guidance to
take the lead.
put me back
from outter space,
and in my life
to take my place...
when destiny
takes hold of me,
you'll never see
anymore of me.
but it will be
something to see,
trust me boy,
let me be me.

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