i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

where do i begin?

when exactly did time slip through my fingers so quickly
that i forgot who i was and forgot what year it was,
forgot where i was and forgot what day of the week i thought it was,
and forgot who i was with, because i somehow misplaced about 20 years
and in that wasted, lost and/or stolen time,
i became an adult,
not just any adult, but, THE adult in the room....
the one with good judgement,
wise analytical thought processes,
intelligent ways of handling awkward situations
when/if/why the seem to come up...
the one everyone looks to as the daddy,
the one who knows better,
the one who is over it all,
when everyone else
(the young-ins)
are having a blast.

it hit me when i looked around the room im in right now
and the boys are laughing,
showing off their skinny white pasty bodies,
having sex, enjoying their youth/freedom and sexuality,
and here i am,
typing thios and wondering...
what happened to me?
i know what happened to me,
it's called time.
and speaking of time,
i think it's just about time
for me to get the fuck outta here...

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