i was almost an abortion

Thursday, August 9, 2012

How Will I Know

Whitney Houston - How Will I Know  2012 (Big Wilde Funky Beach House Rem...

what i need is really love...
and i wish to god i could have that.
just once,
once in a while?

so here i am.
the year was supposed to start off better than the last
when i was lying in a hospital bed, in a coma.
oh well,
nothing works out the way you want it to i guess.
when i look behind me,
i see a lot of good,
but a lot of bad also.
everything, everyone, everywhere
i went, i caused joy, and havoc.
now, i am here, 45 years old,
well, Buddy, but that poor baby has no clue whats up.
we travel our lives in circles that sometimes spin out of control.
sometimes they lead us to a safe haven where,
we can just rest and smell the sweet fragrant flowers,
others, the stench is so strong,
it buries us alive in it's decay.
i'm here!
i'm trying!
give me a fuckin break!
all i need is a hand to reach back to me,
to see the potential,
to grasp it from falling down...

is that to much to ask??

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