i was almost an abortion

Thursday, August 9, 2012

do u think i'm mean?

you asked me once or twice lately
why i don't write about you,
you thought i hated you.
why, when i look back on those times
am i starting now to realize
that maybe what you thought was true,
maybe my love
had gone into
a different place,
from a different time,
a time when you 
were by my side.
but times have changed
and rearranged
and now i think
it's not so strange
that one time when
i really need
someone's help
when i look i see
that you're not there,
you've stepped back
and wonder now
why my heart is black.
don't you understand that i
was always right there
by your side?
don't you see?
don't you care?
it wasn't my sister
standing there...
she had other things to do,
ok, whatever,
but now i do.
i have myself
to watch over,
and buddy too,
don't be shocked when you discover
that when you die,
don't you ask
where  i am
because i'll be
a million miles
away from thee.
no tears i'll shed,
nope, none, you'll see.
in another life
maybe you'll be
the one that,
that time, needed me.
so don't be surprised,
don't be shocked
don't be foolish
from my heart 
your locked.
and never more
can i stop
the tears that came
pouring out of me,
if you were here,
maybe you'd have seen...
am i acting too extreme?
oh really?
do u think i'm mean?
well let me tell you
something true,
the reasons i
don't write of you
are because i can't
say three nice things
because of all
i can't believe i've seen...

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