i was almost an abortion

Thursday, August 9, 2012


not so very long ago,
in a place not very far away,
it heard it just by coincidence,
but i definitely heard you say,
please don't take that extra step,
stay close to me,
not far away,
i swear that i'll always be here,
and then
you went away.
there i stood,
alone at last,
except now you were part of my past,
and when i called out
and asked you please
to stay with me,
cure my disease,
you vanished so far 
from my reach
that it seemed as if 
your words were breached.
how one day
can you tell me this,
and next day it's basically as if
the things you said
you never did,
when i need you most
your gone, you hid.
i lay alone in bed at night
in my mind are dreams of fright
and when i wake
i think i see
an image of you
looking back at me.
but the image is blurry
the past is gone
and now i'm here
where i don't belong.
and so i ask you
one more time,
a second chance?
be kind.
for no one understands where i
have come from,
through my darkest nights,
you once sat,
and comforted me
and now no more,
just me.
i thought you told me
i thought i'd see
myself by your side
for eternity
but when i ask you
just one time,
you decline.
where do i go now
what can i do?
i ask around
but no one knew.
it's now or never
this time is it,
and so i wait,
alone i sit.

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