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Thursday, August 9, 2012

You R Alone

Olive - You're Not Alone (Sister Bliss/Rollo Remix)

well, i guess that's it,
not even a reply.
it's ok, i guess.
i didn't think that i
warranted another chance
but i guess thats just part
of the past.
i'm so happy that
you did what you did.
you helped yourself,
and from me hid.
you say your upset,
about to cry,
as i sit here basically
about to die.
no helping hand
no reaching out
just me, alone
and so, i doubt
that all the things
you told to me
were really truths
now, i see
that you thought you'd keep me
close at hand
while you left me no where
left to stand.
i walk the streets
alone, just me,
and when i reach out for you
i see
your gone
no where in sight.
and now it's getting dark,
and though i try
i squint real hard,
you've left me solo
with disregard.
ok, i get it
you thought i'd be
better off alone,
what you did was push me down
into a pit
i thank you, so much,
i truly appreciate it.
the lesson learned
that now i've learned
is trust no one
because you will get burned.

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