i was almost an abortion

Thursday, August 9, 2012

far away

i understand where ur coming from.
i know that you only see the bad,
but the good is also inside me,
just impossible to get at without a chance...
i've tried so many ways,
i've asked a million times,
i don't have anywhere to turn to,
can't u see the terror in my eyes?
i'm all alone,
i'm helpless,
have nowhere left to hide,
all i see when i look close
is what i'm trying hard to realize
is that i've got no home,
i've got no time,
i've got no job,
nothing left inside,
and now as i sit all alone
i feel my stomach turn
i watch myself from afar
starting to fall and burn.
all im asking
is a hand,
i know you must, somewhere inside,
know, and understand.
i am 2 feet away
from blossoming again
and when i reach my hand out to you,
it's because i think you are my friend.
i don't know where to turn
i dont know what to do...
am i asking way to much
when i ask that question of you?
i know youve helped me
many times,
and i would never
pretend that i
didnt understand
where youre coming from,
i know where,
trust me,
i am someone...
id never try and hurt you, never,
i love you so much,
but its now or never,
i have less than 20 days,
and after that,
i go astray.
into darkness,
and far away.

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