i was almost an abortion

Friday, September 7, 2012

dear God,

is it possible to think something good has actually happened to me?
is it too much to ask,
is it too much to dream?
am i too tired to keep searching
for the things that i dream?
i'm not asking too much,
and i'm trying real hard
to get back my life,
and in tact,
although scarred.

if this is just a dream,
wake me fast, please,
for i haven't a clue
as to what this would mean...
a new home, 
a new life,
a clean way
to survive,
with no help, just me,
  fulfilling my dream
taking back, once again,
my true destiny.

please God, let this be,
i swear i'll succeed,
just this chance,
and this time,
just this once,
please be kind...

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