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Sunday, September 9, 2012

better than

i hate when people think
they're better than,
and that their shit don't stink,
across the galaxy
and far far away
you can hear them laughing
as you watch them decay.
their minds are warped
somehow they believe
that they're something they're not,
it's hard to concieve.
really when it comes down to it all,
they've convinced themselves they're something that
they aren't really close to being
never will be,
not even close to,
hell no, never,
not ever
at all.

today i had a run in
with a stupid, stupid queen
who believed she was something
unlike i'd ever seen.
she talked n she talked
about nothing but herself,
she balked and she balked
about everything else.
she complained that she couldn't find 
anyone hot
as she said that i looked closer
unable to understand
the reasons for her attitude
it was so out of hand...
she ad pimples and had done nothing nice to her hair
she was dressed like my mother
at the mall,
in dispair.
but yet in her mind
she was quite a find
what she just didn't see
was the face of disaster i saw looking at me.
so i gave her a few quick little thoughts
and she gasped  when she realized
the lesson that she'd been taught.
but it didn't do anything
except shock her for a minute,
you see
people like her
are just simply extreme.
hey will never be more
than the dumb piece of shit
than they really are,
now do you finally get it?

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