i was almost an abortion

Sunday, September 9, 2012



as the days passed he got more and more depressed.
when would he finally get a break,
and move up and onward to find bliss?
and then one day, out of the blue,
the skies opened up, and destiny took over.
when he walked in the room, he had no expectations,
nothing because he just expected to be disappointed once again.
 so when the doors opened up,
and the sun filtered in through the large windows,
with the sound of birds chirping outside,
and a nice summer breeze drifting in through the open windows
revealing the slightest scent of lillacs, or was it lavendar?
he knew that everythig in his life had justchanged.
he immdiatly felt the cement blocks float offhis shulders,
felt the vice that was clamping his brain, release,
and his heart skipped a beat,
for it was now, complete.
what was past just erased,
as the present seemed great,
the future looked bright.
and for the first time in over a month,
when he laid his head own on his pillow in bed,
there were no more visions of hideousness in his head.
 he made the sign of the cross as he did every night as a boy,
and dreamed of Buddy, his dog, running through fields,
as butterflies flew through the sky,
and wildflowers grew high,
somehow now, he understood what that word meant,
the word joy. 


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