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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"eyeliner and cigarettes"


 "eyeliner and cigarettes"

 "relentless and fearless and vicious!

"fame comes from inside of you, it's not something that you obtain."
                                                   lady gaga 

 when i shoot someone, before they even get on set, we sit down, and i tell them this...
about a week before the day we shoot, set it deep inside that you are about to do this, not for ME, but for YOU...
start by cleaning your diet. healthy, protein, less carbs, greens, lots of vegetables, nothing that bloats you, just eat fresh.
next, it's all about your body, right? so...
take an extra few minutes and do 10 more hard pushed minutes of cardio a day, go up in weight just to give yourself a little extra pump, maybe just do an extra set of push-ups. something, just give your workout a little xtra sumthin'.
 facial, tan, manicure, pedicure all give you a little gloss, a little shine, and will put your head in the place i want you to be...
a superstar!
i always say, and i know it sounds silly, but,
when you walk in to shoot with me, i want you to feel like fuckin' Angelina Joilie...
i want you to have a character in your head of who you are, or want to be, watch a classic movie that inspires you, bring music that will put you in that head space.
this is the time, this is the place, now, relax, 
and give me FEVER!
make me feel it...
cause in a few hours,
it's back to life, back to reality,
and i hate reality!


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