i was almost an abortion

Saturday, November 10, 2012

DANGER! -ALERT! unlawful entry found-

Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express (longversion)

it's been like putting needles into my eyelids every time i've signed on here lately...i again, for zero reason, was banned from posting, reacting to posts, even liking or disliking them...
Facebook is a a multi-leveled power conglomerate that obviously knows more than we what is good and bad for society. they are wiser men, presumably white, who have traveled the globe possibly even the universe, and have seen joy, such joy that we commoners will never know anything about, and they have seen devastation that rocks and ruins communities, destroys religious beliefs of any and all kinds, and unites through selective segregation, only the ones who are wise enough to understand and seek out the only pure and honest "truth". 

thank you FB, wiser ones, for now as i humbly can begin my day of servitude to humanity with a better, wiser, more thought out and researched "what's on your mind" quote of the moment. i feel as though my silly, childish eyes have been widened with hope, are now bulging with pride, and will pop the fuck outta my god damned white trash head because you offered me the chance to know how foolishly idiotic and stupid i truly am, and so, without further ado, i will again let your careful sense of monitoring me and my foolish diminutive FB "friends" without ever questioning your motives, morals, judgments or prejudices and say nothing more, ever, to conflict or expose any other views, other than yours...  thank you, oh wise ones. 
thank you, ever so...

my eyes have been opened.


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