i was almost an abortion

Saturday, November 10, 2012

sticky fingers

The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (The ILLuminoids Remix)

it actually didn't really even make but two shits difference when where or if he got caught...
the fact was, he was going down.

caught red handed fingers jammed deep in the wrong place at the wrong time, but fuck it, in a way, he knew that now he'd forever have the knowledge that this shit was not a fantasy, but the real mutherfuckin deal, and no one could deny him that fact,
not now, not ever.
so, fuck it, he did it.
who cares.

who the fuck really cares anyway, he's just a kid, normal kid, a little too handsome for his own good,
he must say, but,
it helped him, 
get off with murder.

cause in the long run, the real truth of the real matter of life is, no matter what anyone trys n tells ya, it's this...
it really, really, DOES matter who the cutest ones are, because in a way, they are superior to you, me, all of us, just because they got blessed without getting shit kicked sideways by the ugly stick. people really do care that this handsome boy would never,
 in a million years, 
EVER, do such a thing like that on purpose...

i mean,
 after all,
 he's Catholic for Christs sake.
what the fuck?

it musta been that damn MTV...

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