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Friday, November 9, 2012

Audition Reel

jason livanis  Audition Reel


who r u when u've never known anyone else??
why when we worry will we later wonder what for? 
when will we wonder, like, "what would we want more?"
we want what we lust.
we lust what we see.
we see everything tinted.
we think it should all be for free. 

everything happens
because well, it must.
everything is what it is
because it's well, just because.
it has nothing to do
at all with you.
you can change it slightly
if you let it just be,
but when meddling hands 
are attached to the meddling kind,
with meddling bodies
and meddling minds,
then an axis will shift
just a notch,
not an inch,
but enuf to just re-sinch
all the wrongs we once wanted
when what we wanted wasn't really wrong, 
just reminded us that once
we were what we thought we wanted,
but then found out it wasn't what we thought it would be.
when we really always had it with us, only,
we didn't see it,
it was too free.


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