i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


House Music New 2009 - If I Were a Boy remix - Beyonce

                          oh yea, right...it's thanksgiving...
    so much to be thankful for...
 only 29 more shopping days till christmas, then a week of returning shit your aunt gave you, and then it's new years eve...what? you don't have plans...or a date?! well then, you must be a complete loser...how pathetic. 
you can feel like a loser, if you want, dress like one by shopping at Forever 21 when you're really 41...or, you can relax, smoke a big fattie, and relax while your mom cooks the turkey, you can choke your chicken all day all night...and if your grandfather is still as ornery as grandma used to say, challenge him to a good old fashioned blow-off, and see who's really packin' the family jewels...

 OMG, 12 4 real-

10 things to love about being 18-

jail or master bait-

well dressed man (unfortunatly)-

a better reason to join a gym-

all grown up-

jock-supporting our troops-

completely str8, ok-

   something about defeat-

ok, ok, u win-


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