i was almost an abortion

Thursday, November 22, 2012


sosnap-I've got the power(remix)

one trick pony
is that really what you think of me?
well, guess what,
i've got a lot more up my sleeve.
i'll turn everything you've ever known
into something you've never seen.
turn things that you'd call average
into crazy fantasy's.
for the skills i embody
and the creativity i posses
turn molehills into mountains
and my skills do not transgress.
for i hold within me power
unlike the world has ever known
and the wonders i create
are mine, alone, to own.
the mountains i have climbed
the seas that i've swum
make it possible to do things
that have never before been done.
if only you had believed in me.
didn't i tell you long ago
be patient,
set me free,
and just let me go.
within me i believe
that i alone do hold a key,
just give it time
let me cross the line,
i will fulfill my destiny.

(trust me, 
just sit back and you will see,
all the things that i have told you
are things your mind cannot conceive.
but remember,
i have warned you.
for the last time
you've been told,
who and what i truly am,
i won't let be undersold.)

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