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Thursday, November 22, 2012

ok, so, i am thankful!

ok, so, i am thankful!
i'm thankful that i have my health, well, whatever is left of it. i'm thankful that i have my family, whoever is still alive.  i'm thankful that i have my friends, if only they were talking to me anymore. i'm thankful for Buddy, cause he's the only one who really understands me, and i'm thankful that i am so twisted and meticulous and anal that i can spend hour upon hour doing Photoshop, the one thing that i think keeps me sane-(ish).
so, ok, happy thanksgiving...whatever that means anymore, anyway.

i swear i'm not bitter,
 just a little cranky these days...

what i did today, besides smoke pot and walk Buddy, who, btw, jumped in a lake not knowing how cold it was and then jumped out yelping..it was hysterical!

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