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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

so for at least, until tomorrow...

I'll never fall in love again - Dionne Warwick

what do u get when u fall in love?
a guy with a pin to burst your bubble....
that's what you get for all your trouble.
i'll never fall in love again.

 u only get lies n pain n sorrow.
so for at least, until tomorrow,
i'll never fall in love again.

but then, it happens.
the one person you think is beyond ever falling,
ever committing,
ever making it official...
one day, you hear from a friend of a friend,
or, on facebook,
that it's true.
and then you have to look back on your own jaded past and think...
if he can do it, well, maybe, possibly, even maybe probably,
i can do that very same thing, too.
and so the story goes,
the never ending happy tale of love.
sometimes you miss it by the closing of a door or 
the turning of a corner...
but then,
one day,
maybe even next Monday...
it could happen to you.
and the world seems like just a little nicer place to be.

and you can breath again...
until of course,
you kiss a guy
and catch enough germs to catch pneumonia,
and the chances are,
he'll never again phone ya...
but that my friends
is only in silly love songs...

so for at least, until tomorrow...


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