i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

THE NEW BLACK...it never changes


never stops, never slows down, never once, and never twice,
i ask myself when will it be over, but my answer is, never, and guess what, i'll always have to sacrifice...
it seems like only yesterday that someone told me that one day i'd wake up n find that i had somehow gone astray and found myself in better days, but not for long, i heard this song, it sounded sweet, and was quite unique, but nothing came from it, you see, it just fell silently on broken dreams.
so now i know that times have gone, they've come, they've played, they sung some songs, they made me think that i was better than everyth would i ever see, the dangers that were so very clear to me...the things i wanted the very most, were things that now, i find that i fight for, and so tired of fighting, so beat from trying, all i want is to just relax, have fun and enjoy the fantasies i have set upon this earth...

is that at all even possible?????

i think not.......................
but i never give up the hope that one day....just maybe...just once.






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