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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

what's (kinda, very) HOT

http://www.asstr.org/search.phphttp://www.asstr.org/Madonna - Justify My Love (video)

for you...
to justify my love...
to justify something is to give it validity. to make it seem ok, alright, even fine. without justification, things that some may view as "taboo" are things that others just may find hot.
just because it may not be "normal" doesn't mean it's not happening all over the world...maybe even in your own town...or next door.
but it's not for you to judge.
it's not for you to ask why.
because it's only fantasy anyway.

i don't wanna be your mother.
i don't wanna be your sister, too.

talk to me.
tell me your dreams.
that's right.
tell me...
am i in em?

sometimes you just don't even see it coming.
then, there it is...from out of the blue...
and it hits you like a ton of bricks. 
you don't know who what when where or how...
but you know that your no longer the same
 person you were, just seconds before.
and you have to pinch yourself to be sure it's real...because when it's real, i mean, really, REAL... then nothing will ever be the same, ever again.

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