i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Running Up That Hill-again.

Placebo - Running Up That Hill

when you're at the mercy of someone who isn't really that capable...
what do you do when enough is enough?

who do you call when you've called your own bluff? and how can you stay on track when you yourself can't move forward enough to know the bad things you've done are just silly stuff that you'll never get over unless you stop them and trust that tomorrow is better if you can get past the rough?

so i sit and i think, how can it be?
has it really happened, is it real, or possible, or a dream?
have you been mis-diagnosed for so many years, or is it all just that the drugs from the first diagnosis weren't strong enough? 
so again i ask,
what do you do when you're at the mercy of someone who isn't really that, capable...
(and that person is you)

  there's a thunder in our hearts.
it's you n me...
u n me won't be unhappy.
if i only could
make a deal with the gods
get him to swap our places...
be running up that road
be running up that hill,
be running up that building.

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