i was almost an abortion

Friday, January 4, 2013


"HUNG?"   "LIMITS?"   "INTO?"

everybody these days is a porn star.
if you don't have a porn clip online somewhere, if not, then, why not?
you must have a pic of your asshole, 
cock, as well a face
(which strangely enough is the one photo people feel nervous about sending)
if you want to get laid.
because, no one nowhere, no how
will even meet for coffee without the solid guarantee that
underneath the Banana Republic 
khakis and oxford,
there is a 9 inch fat swollen party cock and
a bubble butt that matches 
to a handsome chiseled face.
at the same time, the ones who usually ask for everything
are the ones least likely to have clear pics of what they require to send back.
if you go onto Grindr, Scruff, whatever,
you have to make sure that you have set up on your account a way for everyone 
(well, just the ones you want to see)
to see your asshole, cock n face.
or else...
they will stop talking,
and even block you.
the best trick is when someone asks you to open our pics,
and after you do, 
you ask for them to return the favor
but then Grindr tells you 
no such account exists...
they obviously didn't like what they saw, so...
bye bye.
nothing more.
so this asshole who has just seen 
YOUR asshole, literally,
and hated it..
has had the power to delete and bar you 
from every getting the opportunity 
to judge them back.
and so, 
that's the way the world turns my friends.
be pushy.
be rude,
be obnoxious,
and cowardly.
show everyone your asshole spread eagle,
or else...
some nasty queen will block, 
snub and judge you..
so, deal with it.
cause it aint gonna change.

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