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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World.HQ. ultimate 12 inch...

welcome to my life...
there's no turning back.
how does anyone expect anyone to have 
an ounce of self respect when they have 
zero respect for anyone else?

everybody wants to rule the world,
but no one rules me but me.
nothing ever lasts forever...
just because i may have been something, once upon a time ago, doesn't mean i am that same person now. 
have i not grown? 
have i not learned? 
have i not proven myself in so many other ways?
am i a one dimensional object with nothing more than what you can barely see from your tower you sit so comfortably perched on? everything and everyone will always look bad from such 
a distorted view.
have you ever thought that someone like me,
has had other things happen in their life that are, quite possibly, out of their control, and maybe they have tried their very hardest, but sometimes, it just isn't good enough.
everyone fails sometimes.
nothing and no one is perfect.
there are things you can't even imagine that i may know so much about, and visa versa, but, i am not the one here making such drastic judgement calls.
what you think you know, divide that by 100.
subtract another 90 percent from that,
and maybe you'll be 1/100th of a smaller percentage of that
and still not even be close to what you think of me.
have you walked in my shoes?
have you experienced the good or bad i have seen?
the triumphs i have made?
the battles i've lost?
the heartaches i've seen?
the mountains i've climbed,
or the hurdles i've jumped?

i've been places you've never even imagined.
i've lived dreams that your brain cannot process.
i've been there, done that, seen, heard, met and trashed things you've never even heard of.
but do i think your a simpleton?
do i look down and sneer?
do i think you are not good enough because you have taken a different path, climbed other mountains and swam other seas?

it's not for you to tell me who i am, nor for you to judge or point fingers. your life is yours, live it, enjoy it, because it doesn't last forever. it's a one time gift. and my life, is my gift.
i've not always treated it as such, 
but i am not a stupid man by any means.

my mistakes made me who i so proudly stand up and shout i am today.

regrets, i've had a few,
but then again, to few to mention.

so think what you like.
say what you'll say.
it really doesn't matter anyway.


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