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Thursday, February 14, 2013

ya never know...

waiting to exhale soundtrack
Chaka Khan

When he stopped to think about it,
really think about it,
he realized that it had been more than six years since he actually "celebrated" Valentine's Day.
that's when he decided that maybe he should stop isolating himself in a closet
and look for men in other ways
(than online hook-ups)
and possibly try and find a man of substance.
who knew, maybe they are still out there,
like, Wyoming maybe...
but was it even possible that someone of substance
could actually get past the fact that he actually wasn't actually very substantial.
wouldn't someone who has a real job,
who has money in the bank,
who wasn't an A.D.D. train wreck
or just plain insane
actually have the balls to let themselves fall in love with HIM?
what kind of world would it be if someone who was a real life "good person"
would have anything to do with a person like him?
maybe they'd be cordial at cocktail parties,
say nice things to his face and then as soon as he left,
they would tear him a new asshole...
i mean,
good people never say anything bad to your face...
they keep it for after when they can congregate with other "good people"
and discuss the poor so-n-so who's such a mess...
well, maybe they would just be fooled by his classic good looks which,
by now had faded like an old pair of jeans.

Was there someone out there?
could it be possible?
is it even in his cards to ever be truly happy?
would the guy have a huge cock too?

Well, he thought,
maybe you can't have it all...
but then again,
ya never know...


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