i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

white noise

     All he could here was the white noise of static.
it started off as if in another room down the hall,
but was increasing to a furious pitch
that was like having a butcher knife 
slowly pushed through his temples into his brain.
he thought that if it didn't stop soon
he would surely lose his mind
at the very least, 
he would kill himself to end the agony.
the droning sound just kept on,
getting louder and louder with each nanosecond.

     And then..
it stopped.


     He collapsed onto the floor
wet from sweat that had soaked right through his clothes.
when he opened his eyes,
his heart still racing fiendishly,
he was shocked that nothing 
at all
seemed different.
nothing had changed.
the world around his was exactly as it always was.
people outside strolled the streets smiling.
birds sang,
sun shined.
he could hear kids playing outside, laughing.

     Maybe they didn't hear it?

     Maybe, he thought,
what was wrong

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