i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Way

Frank Sinatra - My Way (Beat Syndrome Remix)

at the end of the day,
when you look back and be happy for everything you accomplished,
or, pissed that you did nothing all day,
one thing you should always be content with is the fact that
whatever it is you did,
you did it and you did it your way.
if i had a shoot, then,
it was done with me giving 4,399,000% of myself, maybe more...
if i sat n picked my nose or surfed the computer or jacked off all day,
than, goddammit, i put everything i had into making sure that the load was shot,
the web was scrubbed n i found what i was looking for, or the snot that seemed oh so far up my nostril that it actually felt like it was in my brain when i finally got it out,
BUT, i got it out,
and in the end,
that's whats important.


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