i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, February 5, 2013



something wasn't right.
nothing was working...
nothing made sense.
it was as if everyone around him spoke a different language...

desperately he grasped for something solid to hold on to as he tried to gasp out the simple word
but from the bottom of his gut,
all he felt was emptiness which only echoed the sound through his body
but was unable to be released into the air.
he began to sweat.
his heart raced.
his temples throbbed 
and his pulse began to work in overtime.
what the fuck was going on?
he slapped himself on his face to try to wake himself up from this horrible dream...



it was then he understood that in fact, 
he wasn't ok.
everything was wrong...
for the very first time he realized that he was truly
all alone.

as the television set went from broadcasting to static, he shook,   
                              he shivered, and stopped breathing.


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