i was almost an abortion

Monday, February 11, 2013

so the moral of the story is...

though he didn't really understand the way he got it to look the way it did,
but he didn't think he could ever completely duplicate it ever again..
sure he could substitute, mix around, and somehow do something, maybe, similar,
there was no way he would ever know the formula or direction to get him to that very point.
it was something that would kill him for the rest of his life,
for he was always asked to give a client that "look",
and he tried, he really did try...
but there would never be anything identically replicated.
fuck it, he thought out loud...
who gives a shit anyway...

so the moral of the story is...

don't follow directions,
just randomly do things differently than usual.
have fun,
be stupid.
let it evolve the way it will resolve,
and you just may find yourself
better than ever before.

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