i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

every day

every day when he woke up
first thing he did after walking his two loyal best friends,
his dogs, and then made his coffee,
he went to his desk, turned on his computer,
and said
"today is a new day, i will make a change."
consciously hoping yet
understandably knowing
that things had to get better...
for they couldn't get worse.
he had hit walls,
fallen down
picked himself up
again and again
but there was never any sign of relief,
of an end,
of comfort,
but then again...
when he looked at his vision
and understood what he had done
he realized that deep inside
he had grown and blossomed.
maybe today would be different.
maybe he just had to push on...
maybe life would turn around,
maybe not,
but possibly...
he would try, nevertheless...


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