i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

i want you to love me...

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did you ever wish... 
you could get back something
that you did in your past?
if it wasn't for me i know what we had
was definitely gonna last.
i admit 
that we say somethings we don't mean when we're mad
but i realize that i've been foolish
i never shoulda turned my back
cause it's a cold world when your out there all alone...

your boy is coming home.

and i want you to love me
and i want you to hold me
and i want you to touch me
come give me what i'm missing...
like i never left.

all i can think of is what i see when i look at the devastation that's happened to me, is the way i let things out of my control take over me and throw me down a hole. it was my choice, no one else. i made decisions that were bad, and somehow set them free. now i have to prove myself again, so that everyone can see...that once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a boy, not yet a man, who had nothing left in his soul. he closed his eyes, he hoped and prayed, that one day maybe, he'd find the way back to where he used to be...

no one could help him,
not anymore.
he had gone to far,
burned every bridge,
and slammed too many doors.
now it was all up to him.
he had to rise above,
and show the world
he was ready to come back again.

cause it's a cold world when your out there all alone... 

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