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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Whitney on my mind

ya think ya know everything,
and ya think that your 
shit don't stink...
well it do.

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Whitney on my mind...
it happens a lot lately.
actually, all the time.
cause it's time to stop this roller coaster
 i've been on for way too long. 
i wanna get off.
it started off being way too fun,
but it went higher than i thought it could
and was faster than i expected...
it made me scared so many times
but the fear i always rejected.
cause i know me,
and it aint easy being' me,
if it was, there'd be scientists trying to clone my ass...
but they aint.
thank God.
i relate to the late, great, Miss Houston
 in probably too many ways.
all the ups, then the downs,
applause and ovations
turned to booing crowds and rejections...
all the drugs, and the drugs...and the drugs.
it's been way to long.
i can't even remember when it wasn't.
when it started.
who i was with,
but i know with whom i wasn't...
they are the friends on whom i can always depend,
but i need to be straight
raise my head and relate
that i know i was wrong,
please forgive, 
and help me be strong.

because without you i'm nothing.
just a name in the wind,
but with you i am something
a force to be reckoned,
i hope on you i can depend...

 i'm sorry,
 and i'll always love you my friends.

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