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Thursday, June 13, 2013

so... i'll say it AGAIN!!!!!

i've said it before...
apparently no one was listening, so...
i'll say it AGAIN!!!!!

it is still one of the biggest growing problems in the gay community,
and no one else seems to be addressing it...
it's the alarming rate of inconsideration that happens when some gay men use social media, aka, Manhunt etc.,  and instead of using it for it's intended purpose (i.e. hooking up) they instead use it to just use up electricity, waiting and not checking their mail for days, and then responding with nothing interesting to say...
or then they send you a message that says they are looking for now...and when you say, ok...i'm ready, let's go, address? they all of a sudden don't get back to you for several hours, meaning that when they were looking for "now" they really meant they were maybe, possibly, if nothing better came along, hoping to maybe, kinda-sorta-if-and-then-but-whatever...they aren't really looking for anything in particular, but will annoy you till the end of time until someone who they think could possibly be "better" "hotter" or "more hung..." comes along.
faggots, get a grip.
first of all, you are insane, because it is such a waste of time, (so why do i still do it?) and the guys never look as good as the best photos they have of themselves...get it?
even if they were just as hot, maybe hotter, the idiotic questions they bombard you with, like, who's your orthopedic surgeon...make no sense, and mean nothing in regard to what they are on there for.
then there are the guys who live in Taiwan that email you, just cuz. thanks u think i'm "hot" but, ok, i'm on, i'm looking for now, i wanna get laid already!

men, the time is now to be what you think you are, which is MEN, and start acting like that thing you want, expect, demand the other "men" you're trying to hook up with and be.

it's a sad day when it takes 6 hours to get laid by someone who lives down the street, who you never before even looked at, cruised of wanted, but just need to blow a load.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely True!