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Thursday, June 13, 2013

to catch a thief


something interesting happens when you discover that you've been caught in a twisted lie...you try and retract and retell, which in turn makes you have to re-think and remember what you had said originally 
which you won't recall, ever, exactly, so you say something, thinking that you are saying the thing you had said in the first place, but, in your head, you have also, unconsciously, exaggerated and added bits and pieces of the story to cover the things that don't sound right, even in your own mind, so...you want to make it better, and sound more truthful, so, the story you told at the beginning becomes sloppy and in turn, spotlights the lie you told at the start...and if you had just said the truth, then there would be no reason to ever lie, because if you tell the truth, there's no reason or need to go back in time and have to recall, because your subconscious can recall precisely second by second what happened, because it actually happened, and it needs no justification, because it's true and does not NEED to try, because it IS real. it ACTUALLY happened. THAT way. not this way or that way, but the way it naturally would because it makes makes sense, it however, does not make sense the way you said it when you lied because things just DON'T HAPPEN that way.
so don't think, even for a second, that i'm stupid.
because the very idea that you think i'm stupid, would mean that you think you are smarter than me, to which all i can say to you is...i don't think so.


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